Pure State Vienna Experiments are Non-Unitary

A chapter from Steve Faulkner's book:

The Underlying Machinery of Quantum Indeterminacy

Knowing precisely what drives necessity for the imaginary unit's presence in Quantum Theory resolves the question of quantum indeterminacy.

This chapter derives and discovers algebra demanded by the Boolean system, used in the Vienna Experiments, unexpected and overlooked by the Vienna Team. That algebra contradicts any a\,priori or axiomatic unitary|Hermitian Postulate: by demanding freedom from unitarity for pure states — but allowing newly ingressed, logically independent unitarity, in the creation of mixed states.

Follow-up on the photon polarisation experiments of Tomasz Paterek et al: 'Logical Independence and Quantum Randomness'. Scrutiny of the Boolean formalism used, reveals that for pure states, necessity for unitary Hermitian mathematics, is contradicted.