This chapter closely examines density operator processes going on in mixed state Vienna Experiments. The purpose is to properly understand what Boolean information of chapter 6 means, in terms of Pauli algebraic processes. Doing this reveals how indeterminacy's indefiniteness has it roots in referential ambiguity. Note: Whereas chapters 9 and 10 treat unitarity as logically independent information which is either, in presence, or in absence; this chapter treats unitarity as always present, but possible|necessary, in the sense of Modal Logic.

Deeper examination of algebraic processes in the density matrix, used in the Tomasz Paterek et al experiments: 'Logical Idependence and Quantum Randomness'. Density matrix propagation is found deterministic; but from the perspective of the measurement standpoint, that propagation is indestinguishable from its its 'opposite' symmetry; amounting to a referential ambiguity.