The Inaccessible Lost History at Measurement

A chapter from Steve Faulkner's book:

The Underlying Machinery of Quantum Indeterminacy

Knowing precisely what drives necessity for the imaginary unit's presence in Quantum Theory resolves the question of quantum indeterminacy.

This chapter closely examines density operator processes going on in mixed state Vienna Experiments. The purpose is to properly understand what Boolean information of chapter 6 means, in terms of Pauli algebraic processes. Doing this reveals how indeterminacy's indefiniteness has it roots in referential ambiguity. Note: Whereas chapters 9 and 10 treat unitarity as logically independent information which is either, in presence, or in absence; this chapter treats unitarity as always present, but possible|necessary, in the sense of Modal Logic.

Deeper examination of algebraic processes in the density matrix, used in the Tomasz Paterek et al experiments: 'Logical Idependence and Quantum Randomness'. Density matrix propagation is found deterministic; but from the perspective of the measurement standpoint, that propagation is indestinguishable from its its 'opposite' symmetry; amounting to a referential ambiguity.