The Question of Quantum Indeterminacy

Chapter from Steve Faulkner's book:

The Underlying Machinery of Quantum Indeterminacy

Knowing precisely what drives necessity for the imaginary unit's presence in Quantum Theory resolves the question of quantum indeterminacy.

This first chapter introduces the concepts of quantum randomness and quantum indeterminacy. An example of indeterminacy is given, along with questions it raises. The book's argument strategy is outlined, and some terminology is clarified.

The question of whether quantum indeterminacy is irreducible is posed. The nature of Quantum randomness is explained as having no determining cause that can be found, with strong supporting evidence that there is none - unlike classical randoness of coin-tossing or dice-throwing. Quantum indeterminacy is explained as the quantum randomness, intrinsic to a single quantum sysytem. Reflection and transmission of photons, at a glass plate, is given as example of quantum indeterminacy. The book's Thesis is covered.